You can´t find any first-aid kits at home? The kit in your car hasn’t expired yet? No problem at all! You can support us anyway.

We are just asking for you to tell your friend and family about us and our idea. It doesn’t matter where and when. But surely, somebody possesses an old first-aid kit he or she might have already forgotten about that is patiently awaiting its chance of a second life.

Do you know a place that could function as a collection point for first-aid kits? Do you think you could spare some time in order to pick those up when the collection box is completely full?

Or would you mind donating a little bit of money so as to support us financially to cover the costs of getting the first-aid kits to Ghana?

We are happy about any kind of support. It doesn’t matter if you would like to donate items, spread the word and recommend us to your immediate to broader surroundings or support our work financially. For the latter, of course we are able to provide you with a donation receipt.

Why don’t you compose a brief message as to how you reckon you can help us?

Schreiben Sie uns doch eine kurze Nachricht wie Sie uns helfen wollen.

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