We are a group of former participants of “Weltwärts“, a volunteer program of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. The majority of us has lived in Ghana for some time and worked in hospitals, schools and other social places of action. Among other tasks, some of us used this opportunity to teach first-aid in schools and universities. Whilst conducting these trainings, we quickly noticed the lack of sufficient quantities of first-aid equipment which is crucial for the success of these lessons. This is how our idea evolved: We planned on gathering expired first-aid kits and material in Germany, tranport it to Ghana and supply first-aid instructors with the essential education material for their courses.

Our initial project group expanded quickly and we realized that this simple idea promises to be a long-term project.

We pursue three fundamental goals with our work:

  • enhancement of the quality of first-aid education in Ghana
  • recycling of expired and seemingly “unuseful“ first-aid kits
  • reduction of waste in Germany

We plan on attaining these goals by cooperating with the Ghana Red Cross Society.