Even your company has a wearout of first-aid kits since they are required by law to be replaced periodically. Legally, they need to be changed every other year. Perhaps, you can ensure that their next destination is Africa instead of your bin?

If you would like to make direct donation, you can send us your kit per mail. However this usually takes a lot of effort for you and us. In case you would like to get rid of a large amount of kits at once, please contact us. We can organize a transfer for your kits so you don’t have to bother.

If you want to send your first-aid kit to us directly please use this adress:

Verbandskasten 2.0 e.V.
Hans-Stockmar Straße 26
24568 Kaltenkirchen

    Ich stimme der Speicherung der Daten zur Verarbeitung im Sinne der DSGVO zu.