We are a group of young people from all over Germany who made a decision of

not going straight to university or starting an apprenticeship at a company after graduating from high school. Instead, we participated in a volunteer program and went abroad to Ghana.

Over the course of this program, we worked in schools, hospitals and orphanages in Ghana and experienced Ghana culture as parts of our welcoming host families. This is how we got to know and to appreciate the people and their way of living.

Some of us taught first-aid at schools during this time. By conducting these trainings, they realized that the Ghana Red Cross Society certainly is well-structured. Nonetheless, the lack of adequate and sufficient quantities of teaching and exercise material gets in the way of the success of these lessons.

This is when the idea of this project evolved aiming for a solution to resolve this very issue.

We had no problems whatsoever to convince our friends, families and further volunteers of our idea, many of whom take part in our project in various ways.

We sincerely hope that this project endures over a long period of time. But by doing so, we rely on you


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